Outdoor Landscape Lighting for TNR
Release time:2020-12-30

Wonderful Landscape Lighting for TNR Tower, Vietnam

Landscape Lighting Project Information 

In recent years, Vietnam's economy has achieved stable development, and many high-rise buildings have been newly built, which has promoted the growth of landscape lighting demand. The TNR Tower building in Hanoi, Vietnam is a symbol of the beginning of the lighting of high-rise buildings in Vietnam, which symbolizes that Vietnam's landscape lighting is about to take off. This project uses more than 30,000 EXC-LED EXC-P12G pixel light to form a horizontal and vertical staggered layout, which is the best way to disseminate information by video.

Project Overview

Product: EXC-P12G pixel light (30k pcs)

Time of completion: February 2019

TNR Tower lighting design

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