Lighting project for Anshun Olympic Sports Center, Guizhou
Release time:2020-06-17

Lighting project for Anshun Olympic Sports Center, Guizhou

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Project Information

Located at the important section of Anshun New District, Anshun Olympic Sports Center is the new business card showing the achievements of Anshun’s urban development. The center is divided into a stadium, a gymnasium and a natatorium. The plan is to build “one stadium and two gymnasiums”. The project applies RGBW technology with white light as main color, which gives people warm and comfortable feeling, interspersed with colored light as embellishment. In principle, it is based on “quietness” and “elegance” and embellished with “movement” and “noise”, with the element of unification running through it. It combines culture with sport to establish night environment which is easy to be identified and perceived with distinctive features.

Project Overview 

Time of completion: September 2016
Product: customized EXC-P41S LED Pixel Light (60,000 pcs), EXC-6000 computer master controller, EXC-5000D wireless joint controller, 
EXC-U30C linear light (3,000m)

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