Riverside Nightview Lighting Project of Shilijiangwan in Wuhu​
Release time:2020-07-17

Riverside Nightview Lighting Project of Shilijiangwan in Wuhu

Project Information

Wuhu "Shilijiangwan" is 10.4 kilometers long with a total area of 8.12 square kilometers. 

Respectively by the Riverside Nightview Lighting Project "Miracle shock at Jiujiang, rhythm and amorous feelings at Jinghu, simple fashion at Yijiang, leisure ecology at Sanshan" is the design positioning of Jiujiang District, Jinghu District, Yijiang District and Sanshan District. To transform and upgrade the landscape lighting art of Wuhu "Shilijiangwan", both the historical and cultural elements and the high-tech elements, highlighting Wuhu's natural and cultural heritage, It presents the splendid historical and cultural beauty of Wuhu city and depicts its urban charm of innovative development. EXC provides B265B Flood Light, W42B Wall Washer Light and U28NC Linear Light for this project, light up the landscape belt of "Shilijiangwan" with light and shadow brushes, blooming the great beauty of Wuhu night tour charm!

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LED Landscape Lights Project Overview

Project location: Wuhu
Time of completion: November 2019

Product: B265B LED Flood Light, W42B Wall Washer Light, U28NC Linear Light

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