Yinjiayu Rural Complex nightscape lighting project
Release time:2020-07-14

Debut in a central role Yimeng flowers bloom

--Five peach blossoms of Yinjiayu Rural Complex in Yishui

Project information

Green mountains hold green waters, peach blossoms reflect clear springs. From scratch, from creativity to landing, Yinjiayu rural complex will never fail to live up to your expectations. In the forest fruit township, the beautiful spring Zhuang Town Yinjiayu, a number of homestays built on the mountain, five peach blossom spring. The five stadiums, like five petals in full bloom, dazzled the whole country with "C position" in the construction of the national rural complex led outdoor landscape lighting show.

Yinjiayu Village is located in Quanzhuang Village, Yishui County, Linyi City, 30 kilometers away from the county seat, adjacent to Quanzhuang Village, Shiwangyu Village, Dianping Village, friendly and hospitable, outstanding people, beautiful mountains and waters, mild climate. Yinjiayu rural complex is located in Quanzhuang Town, the geomorphic gathering place of Dai Gu and the hinterland of Yimeng Mountain, the fifth-largest landform in the world.

The project is positioned as a well-known domestic rural complex of "high-quality, comprehensive, ecological and livable". Centering on the organic industry and taking unique spring water culture as the core connotation, the project aims to make agriculture bigger and stronger, actively develop the cultural tourism industry, build ecological pastoral community, and create a model project and a century-old project for rural revitalization and development.

Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd, as the main supplier of control system and products for Yinjiayu Rural Complex night view lighting project, mainly provides EXC-P42GP pixel light source of nearly 500,000 points and supporting lighting control system for five experience halls in Yimeng Huacai Agricultural Theme Experience Park. Create the dream light show of the Yinjiayu Rural complex, help the development ofcultural tourism industry, improve the overall pattern!

Media Facade Project Overview

Project name: Yinjiayu Rural complex

Project location: Quanzhuang Village, Yishui County, Linyi City, Shandong Province

Lighting and control system provider: Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd

Time of completion:  June 2020

Product: EXC-P42GP LED Pixel Light (500,000 pcs)

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