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EXC’s lighting Design Planning of Shenzhen
       Release time:2020-09-03

EXC’s lighting Design Planning of Shenzhen 

EXC-LED, as the exclusive product provider for Shenzhen's 40th anniversary celebration of reform and opening up, has helped Shenzhen create "One Line, Two Points" night scenes in Luohu, Longgang, Bao'an and Longhua Districts, adding luster to Shenzhen and perfectly interpreting "Shenzhen Speed" and "Shenzhen Quality".

In terms of landscape lighting zone planning, each district in Shenzhen has a clear position, namely, grand Futian, smart Nanshan, colorful Luohu, charming Longgang, mountain & sea Yantian, energetic Longhua, green Guangming, innovative Pingshan, dreamy Baoan and ecological Dapeng.

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