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Happy Fuzhou, Beautiful Rongcheng
       Release time:2019-12-25

EXC-LED is the major provider of the product and control system for the Fuzhou Downtown Lighting and Upgrading Project. The main contents of the whole project are “One River (Minjiang River), One Axis (Bayiqi Road Central Axis), One Line (Qinting Viaduct –North Wusi Road – Hualin Road), Three Centers(Xihu Park, Wuyi Square, and Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center surrounding)”. EXC-LED’s bid section under the project includes theFinancial Street in the Strait Financial and Business Zone, Zhongzhou Island, West Lake, Zhongting Street, Jiangxin Park, Baita Tower, Wuta Tower, GushanBridge, Kuipu Bridge, Buildings on both banks of Minjiang River, etc., which perfectly cover the "One River, One Axis, One Line and Three Centers".

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